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Buffalo, NY
2 Units
Purchase Price: $57,000
Rehab: $2,800
Gross Monthly Rent: $1,150

3 Beds, 2 Baths

Sold Price $67,500 (2017)
Buffalo, NY
4 Units
Purchase Price: $84,500
Rehab: $3,000
Gross Monthly Rent: $2,000

6 Beds, 4 Baths

Sold Price: $89,000 (2017)

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We are a dynamic real estate partnership focused on purchasing multi-family properties in the re-surging Buffalo region. Teaming up with the best local agents, lenders, dealmakers and property managers.
We are seeking quality homes in safe neighborhoods that cash-flow. We are also open to participating in joint ventures, fix and flips and notes.

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